Seniors at the OMI Senior Center gathered today to watch video highlights from the life stories recorded as part of the Golden Voices Project.  Some of the life stories were dramatic!  Others were funny and thoughtful.  All were very inspirational in their own way.

Event photos:

seniors sharing life storiesseniors watching life stories dvd

Imagine moving by yourself to a foreign country not speaking the language, as a teen no less.  Or, having such a big family that there are great grandchildren you haven’t met.  We also heard some touching, yet horrifying stories about life in the Philippines during World War II.  I have studied World War II in my history classes, but real life learning is so different.  1) it’s so vivid and personal when you hear the stories of someone who was actually there, and 2) the voice and stories of civilians / residents often give you a different perspective about the impact the war had on them, their families, and their community.

We also had a discussion today about the value of sharing life stories.  The Golden Voices participants were champions of the idea, of course, but I was glad to see other seniors in the room also nodding their heads in agreement.

The one part of the event that brought the biggest smiles — when the seniors received their personalized DVDs.  It made all the hours of work worthwhile.

life story dvdlife story dvdlife story dvd


We’ll be uploading select clips onto the famento site soon so that you can enjoy these stories too.

Special thanks to Patty and Sharon at OMI Senior Center for hosting this series of Golden Voices classes.

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