Canon Kip Senior Center life story class wraps up

We just finished the life story class at the Canon Kip Senior Center as part of the Golden Voices Project.  It was such a treat to meet, listen to and record the stories of the seniors that participated.  What an energetic group!  There was so much to talk about that the 1.5 hour class each week never seemed like enough time.  The seniors shared stories about growing up in the Philippines, becoming a professor, childhood chores, striving for and achieving the dreams of becoming a world class gemologist, religion, family… see, it was always a lively discussion! 

We’re now deep in the midst of making personalized life story DVDs for the seniors.  We will have a community event at the Canon Kip Senior Center to share these stories, so stay posted for more info!  The event will likely be in mid July.

Here are some photo highlights from the class.

Many thanks to Canon Kip Senior Center for hosting us, and to Lolita and Josephine, in particular, for their help in scheduling and making sure things ran smoothly.

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Last Wednesday, we completed our second week of a four-week life story class at the OMI Senior Center.  I can’t even begin to describe how inspired I felt when I left the class that morning.  It was so amazing to hear the stories that the seniors were sharing — life in the Philippines during World War II when Japan invaded; moving to England alone at fifteen years old not knowing any English; home and family that the church provided; and more.  It was not only educational for me, it was also an important reminder that life has so many possibilities.  I’m excited that this Wednesday, we’ll actually start recording some of these stories on video.  We’ll share more video highlights over the next month.

In the meantime, here are some pics from our class last week:

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