If you’re among the many people who’ve always wanted to write your own memoir, record your life stories, or maybe interview your family members, here are some ideas for questions that can help you organize your thoughts.

Your Lineage
o Where does your family come from?
o When, why and how did you and/or your family come to the USA?
o What brought you to this city/town?
o What family traditions do you keep alive?
o What do you cherish most about your family?

Childhood and School Days
o Where were you born?
o Do you have any siblings?
o Describe a typical school day.
o Did you get into any mischief?
o How did world events affect your childhood?
o What were your favorite hobbies and activities?
o How did you and your family celebrate holidays?
o Describe the first time you fell in love.
o What lessons did you learn as a child growing up?
o What were your childhood dreams?

Early Adulthood
o Describe your dating years.
o Have you had a life partner?
o When and how did you meet your spouse or partner?
o When did you get engaged? How did he or she propose?
o What kind of career did you want? What career did you choose?
o Describe your college years or life after elementary or high school.
o Who did you look up to? Who was your role model?
o Who is your best friend? How did you meet?
o Describe your wedding, if you married or had a civil union – how it came about, who was there, how you felt, etc.
o If you have children, describe the joys and challenges of becoming a parent.

Middle Age
o Describe what it was like to raise your children or your relationship with your family.
o What did you achieve in your career?
o What friendships did you form?
o Did you do any traveling?
o What cultural movements or world events affected your life?
o What traditions did you create with your family?

Growing Older
o How is the world the same or different now than when you were a child?
o How is your neighborhood same or different?
o What are your favorite hobbies and activities now?
o If you have grandchildren, describe the joys and challenges of becoming a grandparent.

o What are the turning points in your life? What were the surprises and results?
o Which of your accomplishments gives you the greatest satisfaction?
o If you could pick three things for others to learn from your life, what would they be?
o What traditions or values do you want to see passed on to future generations?
o If you could change one thing in your life or the world, what would it be?

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  • relationships

    These ideas are very well compiled. There are times when you can't write anything publishable. Just keep writing. It will come naturally. Write frequently and your story will take shape and grow gradually.

  • Thanks for the ideas. I've seen some new ones which I can use. Personally, I think that every person has his or her own stories to share with, and they will not be the answers to the mentioned above questions but will be very different because everybody has his own experience.

  • getboyfriendback

    It's important to write down your experiences now, while you're still young, rather than wait until later to write your memoirs. You'll find that you've forgotten way too much!

  • What are the turning points in your life? I think this question is the most important here, one could take days to talk about the turning point in his life…

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