Today is a day that we give deserved recognition to the great soldiers who have served and protected our country.  I’m drawn to hearing the real accounts from our veterans because this is how I feel I can truly understand what they sacrificed and endured. 

When veterans like Mr. Vernon Harper, 94, of Lufkin, TX talk about his war experience and life stories, my eyes are glued to the paper.  It’s hard to miss the pain in his voice and words as he recounted arriving in Germany the day after D-Day started:

“They had wiped out almost the entire first wave…It was awful, awful, awful when we landed. It’s not too nice to talk about….When we got there the Germans were right there. (The Americans) were slaughtered.” (source: Lufkin Daily News article)

As emotional as it was for him to share these stories, Mr. Harper did it so that the rest of us can understand.  I salute him for doing this, and hope that other veterans also share their stories with those around them.


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