Famento was inspired by our personal experience of wanting to know more about our family.  As we watched our parents and grandparents age, and our nieces and nephews grow up, it forced us to think:

* How well do we know our parents?

For many of us, we know the general outline of their life, but we don’t have many of the details.  Do you know the story of how your parents met?  Do you ever wonder what your parents were like at your age?  What were the toughest struggles that your parents faced?  Most of us know much less about our grandparents.

Now let’s turn the question around:

* How will future generations know who we are?

If you are knowledgeable about computers, you probably have hundreds of photos, videos, emails, and conversations embedded in all the different web services you have joined. You probably also have albums of hardcopy photos from the pre-digital days, and boxes of paper documents.

Buried in all that information is the story of who you are.  The question is, how are you possibly going to pass this along?  Imagine if your grandfather handed you his laptop and a box of his personal photo albums, and said, “the story of my life is in there, and here are the passwords to all my online accounts.”  It would be overwhelming to go through all of that information.


* Why save that information at all?

We think there will come a time when you want to know more about the life stories of  your close friends and family.  Your curiosity might be spurred by the birth of your own children.  Or maybe it happens at a wedding or a family reunion where you are confronted with relatives you have never met before.  Or perhaps it happens when someone you were close to passes away.

Sharing and preserving these memories — this is what Famento is all about.

In the next posts, we’ll give you more ideas on how to use Famento to write the story of your life, preserve the stories of other family members, and stay in touch with your friends and family.

The Famento Team


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