Famento is here!

We’re excited to share with you www.famento.com, a website that we hope will help you and your family and friends stay connected and get to know each other through all times.

Why Famento?
From our own experiences, we know it’s hard to stay updated on how our loved ones are doing.  Our lives are busier than ever, and many of us don’t live in the same city as some of our closest friends and family any more.  Famento lets you bring the people you care about into a private network, and stay connected by exchanging life stories, photos, videos, files and more.
How is Famento different from other social networks?

1) Famento is a private network of people that you care about
2) Famento is focused on sharing deep content about your life and your family history
3) Famento keeps all of your family members (live and deceased), and the stories of their lives connected in one network

There’s more coming ahead…

As you see, Famento is currently in beta.  That means we have more features we’re planning to roll out.  For example, Family Tree and Groups features are coming soon!  In the meantime, sign up for your own Famento account, and invite your friends and family to join your Famento network. 

We hope you enjoy using Famento.  Take a look at the features.  We’d love to hear your feedback, including ideas for other features that would make the site more useful for you and your loved ones.
The Famento Team


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